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The most luxurious handmade postcard

Watercolor education


„If the postcard is handmade - it surpasses all other congratulations. This means that the person is shown the greatest attention, because the sender has found time not only to come up with a greeting for a particular person, to write it by hand, but also to make a postcard“(Arminas Lydeka). In the artist's workshop you will try several watercolor casting methods and create your own postcard composition.

Important information

Category: educational activity
Duration: 1 hour 30 min - 2 hours
Group: agreed
Price: 1 person – 40 eur, 2 / 25 eur/person, 3 / 20 eur/person, 5 / 18 eur/person, 10 and more / 15 eur/person
Language: LT, EN, RU


Eglė Vitonienė
Phone: +37061846759