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Exhibition of paintings by Peter Kostin and his students "Choices"

June 4 d., 10:00


Peter Kostin - painter, sculptor, scenographer, actor, interior architect, art historian - was born in 1954. In Poltava (Ukraine). 1974-1980 studied at the Kharkiv Art Institute (universal studies: painting, sculpture, stained glass, mosaic, fresco, interior architecture, graphics, design). There he gained both a deep understanding of art history and excellent academic drawing skills. Peter Kostin has lived in Lithuania for almost 40 years. His works reflect the imagination full of volatile, surreal images. The artist cherishes Western Europe in the 16th-19th centuries. painting drawing. Creating ideas from the paintings of great Dutch masters. Mastering the Renaissance style and romantic fictional, fantasy plots distinguish Piotr Kostin in a large group of Lithuanian artists.

2014 Peter Kostin founded an art studio of his name in Vilnius. The studio has been successfully operating for eight years and on that occasion the first exhibition outside the capital is presented - in Druskininkai Crafts Center “Menų kalvė”.

It exhibits paintings by the artist, teacher Peter Kostin, and nine of his students. The principle of Peter Kostin's work is very similar to the workshops of the Renaissance, where the great masters of painting taught their students. First you learn to draw, then you copy the world-famous paintings. Each student is gifted and I help unleash his talent. Classical painting is the highest level that is difficult to achieve, but the effort pays off with impressive works. The exhibition "Choices" will run until July 2. Her presentation and meeting with the authors will take place on July 2. 14:00 Druskininkai Craft Center "Menų kalvė" (M. K. Čiurlionio str. 27) We invite you!

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Duration: until July 2